Call Bankruptcy Attorney Office Los Angeles If You Have Been Summoned

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Karine Karadjian’s bankruptcy attorney office in Los Angeles can assist you if your debt collector decides to sue you.

A debt collection suit can be intimidating. However, if you decide to work with our bankruptcy attorney, you will make an informed decision that increases the likelihood of you winning the case.

The Complaint

The suit starts when you receive a complaint and summons. The summons includes basic details of the administrative aspects of the suit.

The critical information on the summons is the return date. It is the date when your creditor will win the case if you do not take any action.

The complaint will include information about the reason you are being sued, the amount and the identity of the initial creditor.

You may also receive some blank forms along with the summons and complaint. The attachment may also include a list of questions about where you work.

It is best not to fill out this form. Instead, contact our bankruptcy attorney office in Los Angeles. By talking to our attorney, you will know which questions to ignore.

When you consult with our attorney, you will know when to send the form back and which questions to answer.

It is wise to talk to an experienced bankruptcy attorney. At Karine Karadjian law office, our lawyer will draft your document. When you work with our attorney, your creditor may leave you alone.

You may choose to let our attorney answer the forms for you. In that way, you will have more time to look into other options, like debt settlement, chapter 13 or 7 bankruptcy.

What If You Failed to Take an Action?

If you move through the trial process but lose, the creditor can take actions against you. The actions would vary. The most popular method in collecting money from you is wage garnishment.

In this method, your creditor will get 25% of your salary each period until you have settled the judgment amount. But you can also file for bankruptcy or choose other arrangements with the creditor.

Another way to collect money from you is to seize your money in your bank. You can control how much the collector can seize by limiting the money you have on your bank deposit.

Other ways to collect money from you would include repossessing your secured assets and placing liens on your property.

With so many debt collection ways, it can be intimidating to face this trial of your life alone. You will need the knowledge and expertise of a bankruptcy attorney.

Ask for Help

Get Help from Karine Karadjian bankruptcy attorney law office. Even if you have received summons and complaint, you should still seek help.

It is never too late to hire our attorney to give you advice on how to protect your assets and draft a plan to deal with your debt and avoid being sued again.

Call our bankruptcy attorney office in Los Angeles today at (818) 918-9660

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