Tips for Selecting a Bankruptcy Attorney Office in Orange County

bankruptcy document on desk

Finding yourself deep in debt can be agonizing. The stress and anxiety you feel is unlike any other you may experience in life, and you live with constant worry and spend sleepless nights wondering if tomorrow is the day they foreclose on your home, shut off electricity, repossess the car, or some other tragic event. Living life this way can be horrific for you, and you may feel like you have no way out of this situation no matter what you do. Bankruptcy may be a viable option for you to help straighten things out and get away from the crushing debt you face, but you will need the help of a good lawyer to get things done correctly. Learning a few tips for selecting a bankruptcy attorney office in Orange County can help direct you to just the right law firm to assist you at this difficult time.

Speak with the Attorney

When you get the names of some law firms that specialize in bankruptcy cases, the best method for seeing if they are a good fit for your needs is to arrange to speak with the lawyer personally. While a phone consultation will do if you have no other alternative, ideally you want to meet the person face to face for a discussion. Most good bankruptcy lawyers will offer you a free initial consultation so that they can talk about your situation and let you know what they can do to help. Come prepared to the meeting with questions you want to ask and any information you think might be pertinent to your case, so the lawyer can get your case off to a good start. You can then gauge the answers you get from the lawyer to see if you believe they are a good fit for you.

The Cost of an Attorney

When you are facing bankruptcy, the cost of everything is vital to you, and the bankruptcy attorney office in Orange County you work with is no different. As part of your initial discussion, you want to be sure to ask about the attorney fees involved in handling your case. The free initial consultation matters, but you also want to know about costs involved for the process, filing paperwork, and for appearing in court if necessary. While you may not necessarily want to go with the cheapest price just for the sake of saving money, you do want the cost to be reasonable.

The Attorney Office to Work With

If you are seeking a bankruptcy attorney office in Orange County to help you turn things around, come to us here at the law office of Karine Karadjian. Ms. Karadjian specializes in bankruptcy cases and can provide you with the guidance and assistance needed to get you through the process successfully. You can call us at (818) 918-9660 so you can set up a free meeting to talk about your situation and find out how we can help you gain back your financial freedom.

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