Best Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney

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If you’re like so many other people, you’ve decided that bankruptcy is the best decision you can make for your future. Perhaps you’ve realized that Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the right way to file. Then you discover that you can’t file for Chapter 7 because you make too much money. That’s one of the many times that choosing the best Chapter 13 bankruptcy is the right decision. Chapter 13 can be complicated and complex. To make sure that your bankruptcy goes as smoothly as possible so that you can start a new lease on life, you should hire the best attorney for your bankruptcy.

Best Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney for You

Are you facing foreclosure because you didn’t quite make all of your mortgage payments? That’s just one more circumstance where you’re going to want the best Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney. See, that’s one of the best parts about Chapter 13: the filing can give you that extra assistance to stop foreclosure. With that space, it allows debtors like you to repay their mortgage. By that same token, that’s also how Chapter 13 works with vehicles as well. So, with the right attorney by your side, you can figure out how to pay for your car and your home.

Best Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer

Perhaps the major benefit of filing with the best Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney is that your assets aren’t liquidated. In fact, you’ll get to keep all of your property. Throw in how that also lets you keep your nonexempt assets, and Chapter 13 can almost sound too good to be true. Bear in mind though, you do have to pay back a portion of your unsecured debt. That’s not a set, fixed number for everyone. It’s very specific to an individual. Based on disposable income as well as your budget, it can be altered. That’s where our attorneys come in. With our help, you can get a low percentage Chapter 13 plan locked in. That gives you a real leg up in approaching the days ahead.

How Much is Chapter 13?

When you’re dealing with child support, alimony, property taxes and income taxes all while going through bankruptcy, it’s normal and natural to feel overwhelmed. So, our best Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney team can work things so that you’ll be able to pay those debts back over the course of years. Indeed, you won’t just be able to pay those debts back after a few years; you’ll be able to pay them back over several. Additionally, you’ll still be allowed to discharge any dischargeable unsecured debts, too.

Chapter 13 Cost and More

No one wants to have to go through bankruptcy. It’s not an easy process, which is why it’s all the more important to have the best Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney by your side. Here, your case will be handled personally by one of our great attorneys. In fact, we can move our schedule to be around you: so you can call us at (818) 918-9660 or go to our website, and we’ll meet you on weekends, mornings and nights if need be.

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