Explore Your Options with a Bankruptcy Law Attorney in Orange County

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The struggle to make ends meet has become very real for you. Somewhere along the way, your financial situation worsened, wither from a job loss, medical bills, credit card bills, or another financial catastrophe. Now, you worry every time you hear the phone ring that it will be another collection agency or debt collector looking for money and answers. You fear for your home, your family, and your future, and you are not sure just what to do next. You feel powerless, stressed, and anxious, and are not sure what to do from day to day. Answers are available to you, and you can explore the options you have when you talk to a bankruptcy law attorney in Orange County like the one at the law office of Karine Karadjian.

Bankruptcy or Debt Settlement

Even though the bankruptcy laws have changed over the recent years, bankruptcy is still a viable option for many people. There are certain requirements that you must meet, and there are different types of bankruptcy you can file for, and a good attorney with a solid understanding of the laws can explain everything to you completely so you know what option could be best. You may also find that debt settlement suits your situation best, allowing you to structure a strategy that allows you to pay your debts in a more manageable manner.

An Attorney That Knows How to Help

As an experienced bankruptcy law attorney in Orange County, Ms. Karadjian has helped many clients just like you deal with their financial difficulties. She understands that this is a difficult point in life for you and your family and will do all she can to develop a strategy that will work best for you. She can assist in ending the phone calls and letters from collectors, devise and structure a plan that is right for your circumstances, and work towards a resolution so you can look forward to a better future.

A Consultation with Our Attorney

You can arrange for a free consultation with our bankruptcy law attorney in Orange County simply by contacting us here at the law office of Karine Karadjian. You can call us at F:P:Sub:Phone} to schedule your consultation with us, and we will meet with you when and where it is most convenient for you. Let us discuss your situation and determine the best approach to take so you can get away from your financial struggles.

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