Why You Need a Bankruptcy Law Lawyer in Van Nuys

people stressed talking with attorney

Filing for bankruptcy can mean a lot of things for you. While some may see it simply as a last resort, it can be used as a tool to help you get the new start you need, save your home, and end harassing phone calls or mail from debt collectors. The process can certainly be complex and is often stressful for you, which makes having an attorney by your side an option that you need today. Getting an expert bankruptcy law lawyer in Van Nuys to assist you currently is the right decision to make if you want to get through the process successfully.

The Evolving Bankruptcy Law

Bankruptcy laws have changed and evolved a great deal over the last several years. Where once it seemed commonplace for people and companies to file for bankruptcy with ease, the laws are much more complex than in the past. It can also be more difficult for you to be granted bankruptcy, and you need to meet certain criteria and file correctly. Even some lawyers have trouble keeping up with and understanding the new laws. Because of this, you want to make sure you speak with an attorney that has kept up with the laws and is active in the representation of clients so that you know they have a solid understanding of the laws.

A Lawyer Who Works with You

Dealing with bankruptcy alone can put you at a great disadvantage today and leave you having your application denied. A good bankruptcy law lawyer in Van Nuys will work closely with you from start to finish, explaining the variables to you, going over your details and paperwork, and making sure you understand each step of the process fully. Getting this type of honest and consistent input will help ease your mind, so you see you are in good hands.

An Experienced Bankruptcy Lawyer

If you are looking for a bankruptcy law lawyer in Van Nuys to help you at this stressful time in your life, make sure to contact the law offices of Karine Karadjian. Ms. Karadjian has extensive experience with bankruptcy cases and can be just the person you need on your side to work with you. Contact her office at (818) 918-9660 to receive a free consultation regarding your case so you can see just what she can do to assist you.

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