Avoiding Recorded Liens on Your Home Through a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Did you know that filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy can help you remove a recorded lien from your home? We often encounter prospective clients who were sued by their credit card companies or other collectors. If a creditor obtains a judgment against you, it can record a lien and create an encumbrance against your property. Moreover, recording a lien against your home will make the creditor a secured creditor. The lien will cause issues if you try to sell your property as the creditor will need to be paid off before the sale goes through. However, in most cases, a motion to avoid a lien can be filed within your active Chapter 7 bankruptcy case. When the motion is granted and your case is discharged, the lien will be considered avoided! Contact our bankruptcy attorneys for a more in-depth analysis of your specific situation and see if you qualify to remove the lien on your home.

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