Chapter 13 Attorney In Los Angeles

The Benefits of Hiring a Chapter 13 Attorney in Los Angeles

If you are thinking about filing bankruptcy to help you get out of the financial troubles you are currently facing, you want to know what all of your options are and that you handle the filing the proper way so you have a better chance at seeing the success you are seeking. There are different forms of personal bankruptcy that you need to be aware of so you can be sure you file correctly to get the best benefit for you. Since bankruptcy can be a confusing and intimidating process you are going to want to have a lawyer to help you along the way. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a less talked about option than Chapter 7 but it can offer great benefits to those who do not qualify for Chapter 7 or need to file a Chapter 13 to catch up on mortgage arrears to save their home, strip a 2nd lien off their property, or catch up on tax debt. There are a number of benefits to hiring a Chapter 13 attorney in Los Angeles so you can be sure you are headed in the right direction.

Knowing Which Option is Best

Having a Chapter 13 attorney in Los Angeles on your side will help you to determine just which form of bankruptcy you want to file for. There are two main forms – Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 – and each has its own specifications to it. For Chapter 13, you will agree to reorganize your debt so that you can pay a certain portion of your debt back over time. If you have some ability to pay back your debts this can be the best option for you, particularly if you are a homeowner that is facing foreclosure or owe significant tax debt. Chapter 13 can halt foreclosure proceedings and allow you to pay back what is in arrears according to the terms of the bankruptcy. It is only with the help of a lawyer that you will be able to fully understand what you will need to do in this case.

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Getting the Right Help

Knowing which option is best for you, what paperwork you need, what needs to be filed and what to do in court can all be very confusing. A good lawyer will help you to get through all of this, answering any questions you may have, explaining the process and working by your side to make sure you get the terms of the bankruptcy that are workable for you.

With the right help from a Chapter 13 attorney in Los Angeles you will be able to save your home and property and repay your debts through proper reorganization. You can get just the help you need by contacting the experienced bankruptcy lawyers at Karadjian & Escobar. Bankruptcy lawyer Eryk Escobar served as a law clerk for a bankruptcy judge and reviewed hundreds of various bankruptcy motions and matters, garnering significant experience. Prior to opening her own firm, bankruptcy lawyer Karine Karadjian managed the Chapter 13 department at a different firm, overseeing over 300 active Chapter 13 cases and preparing various motions which were successfully granted. Contact the bankruptcy attorneys today to discuss your options through a free, no-obligation consultation. Call Us today at (818) 918-9660. Email: or via website at

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