What to Know When Choosing a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney Near Me

When you are facing financial distress and cannot find a way out of trouble, bankruptcy may be the most viable option for you. When it comes to personal bankruptcy, you do have options, and chapter 13 bankruptcy can be the best route for you to go since it allows you to structure a repayment plan. This type of bankruptcy can help you get out from underneath the burdens you face while still staying in your home. There are some facts you will want to know before you search for a “chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney near me” to work with you on your case.

References and Background of an Attorney

Before you agree to work with any lawyer, you want to make sure that you can check the background and references of the attorney in question. Your lawyer must be someone that specializes in bankruptcy law and cases like yours if you want to get the best advice and representation. Many lawyers today may tell you they can take your case but have little or no experience with bankruptcy. Working with an attorney like this can lead you to difficulties if they do not know the best steps to take in the process.

Lawyer reviewing paperwork

An Attorney You Can Afford

Cost is always a concern for you in circumstances such as this, and when selecting a “chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney near me,” you will want to find out about fees you will need to pay your lawyer. It may seem like a delicate subject, but you need to know what costs you are responsible for so you can be sure it is affordable for you. Many good attorneys will be willing to work with you to help make the process better.

Talk to an Attorney near You

If you live in the Los Angeles area and are seeking a “chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney near me,” please reach out to us at the law offices of Karine Karadjian. Ms. Karadjian specializes in personal bankruptcy cases and can provide you with the insight and guidance you need to successfully navigate the process. Call our office at (949) 565-4707 to make an appointment for a consultation so you can discuss your circumstances and find out what can be done to help your financial situation. Alternatively, if you prefer to get in touch in writing, you can send us a message to contact@kelawfirm.com.

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