Make Filing Successful with a Bankruptcy Law Attorney in Irvine

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Somewhere along the way, your finances began to spin out of control. It could be long-term unemployment, medical illness and subsequent bills, or bad business decisions and investments that caused the dilemma, but here you are now, sitting up late at night, worried about the state of your finances, your home, and your family. Your creditors keep calling and sending you letters, so perhaps you are now considering bankruptcy as your best option. You may have heard that filing for bankruptcy is more difficult now, but you can make filing successful for you with the help of bankruptcy law attorney in Irvine like the law office of Karine Karadjian.

More Stringent Bankruptcy Law

The bankruptcy law passed in 2005 sought to close some of the loopholes that existed previously, but it also made the regulations and process for filing for bankruptcy more complex and more stringent. Those filing now must pass through a “means test” so that the court can see what debt you can pay off. You need to provide details about your income and expenses so that the court can determine if you qualify.

Counseling with a Lawyer

At the law office of Karine Karadjian, she can be the bankruptcy law attorney in Irvine that can provide you with the counseling and guidance you need with the filing process. Ms. Karadjian specializes in bankruptcy cases and can assist you in understanding the new laws and what you must do in the filing process. She will provide you with the best options for your case and help you with debt settlement if that is the best option available to you.

Discuss Your Situation with a Lawyer in Irvine

The best way to learn how to go through the filing process is to discuss your situation with an experienced bankruptcy law attorney in Irvine. Here at the law office of Karine Karadjian, she can give you the quality advice and representation you need to help you file successfully so you can get the clean start you need with your finances. Call her office at (818) 918-9660 so you can arrange a confidential consultation with Ms. Karadjian and find out how we can make the process easy and successful for you. If you would like to send us a message, please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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