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Going through bankruptcy is not an easy process. It’s perfectly natural to feel overwhelmed, scared and worried. Sometimes, it can seem like there’s so much to do it’s hard to keep track. However, with the help of our bankruptcy law office in Los Angeles, we can make this difficult process a little bit easier. With professional bankruptcy attorneys by your side, you can get through bankruptcy and come out on the other side for a fresh start.

Bankruptcy Law Office in Los Angeles Specialties

Our bankruptcy law office in Los Angeles specializes in two different kinds of bankruptcies:  Chapter 13 bankruptcies and Chapter 7 bankruptcies. Most people who are looking at bankruptcy as an option aren’t sure exactly which one they qualify for. That’s where we come in. We can sit down with you and go through the process, so that you’re making the best decision for you as well as your family. We’ve helped plenty of people though every step of the bankruptcy process, and can do the same for you.

Pro Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney

Chapter 7 bankruptcy, A. K. A. “liquidation bankruptcy,” is the kind of bankruptcy for when you can’t repay your creditors with any kind of disposable income. In these circumstances, most unsecured debts are discharged. These unsecured debts are usually in the form of payday loans, medical bills, credit cards, even medical bills and so forth. Our bankruptcy law office in Los Angeles can help with this particular kind of bankruptcy as we can help you to hang onto some of your most prized, important possessions. Keep your car, your pension, your home, even things like jewelry and furniture when you hire a bankruptcy attorney.

Answer “Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney Near Me”

Chapter 13 bankruptcy can be a viable form of bankruptcy if you make too much income to qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Typically, we help people who opt for this kind of bankruptcy hang onto their homes. When you’re approaching foreclosure because you fell too far behind on your mortgage, we can step in to help. This also applies to cars and car payments as well. A key difference between the two types of bankruptcy is that Chapter 13 doesn’t involve your assets being liquidated. So, you can hang on to more of your stuff.

Find A Local Bankruptcy Attorney in Los Angeles

At the end of the day, that’s the goal of our bankruptcy law office in Los Angeles: to enable you to hang onto more of your possessions during your bankruptcy. Give us a call at F:P:Sub:Phone} or go to our site so that we can make the bankruptcy process easier on you.  

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