The Basic Tips for Choosing a Cheap Mission Viejo Bankruptcy Lawyer

Cheap Mission Viejo Bankruptcy Lawyer

Perhaps you’re a small business owner with too much on your plate.  Perhaps you’re an individual who is being faced with deep debt that you cannot afford to repay.  While bankruptcy may be the best option for you, you may not have the money you think you need to hire an attorney to help you navigate the process.  The world of filing for bankruptcy has changed significantly over the last twenty years and laws are much more complex, meaning it is not advisable for you to handle something like this on your own.  You want to make sure you choose an experienced bankruptcy lawyer so that your assets are protected, everything is properly disclosed, and so that your case goes smoothly.  Even though you may not have much to spend, if you follow the right steps you can choose a cheap Mission Viejo bankruptcy lawyer that can work with you.  Keep in mind that many attorneys will offer free consultations so it’s worth your while to call and request a quote.  A bankruptcy attorney may be more affordable than you think.

Finding Experienced Attorneys

The first step in the process for you is going to be to find bankruptcy attorneys in your area to work with.  Because debt relief, debt settlement and bankruptcy have been somewhat prevalent over the last several years, there are many attorneys that may offer their services.  However, you want to make sure you choose a lawyer that has experience in doing this particular type of work, is up on all of the latest laws and regulations regarding bankruptcy on a state and federal level and will know just what steps you need to take to start the process and have proper representation.  A lawyer that handles cases like this regularly is going to be more likely to help you successfully wade through everything.  In other words, pick a lawyer that handles mostly bankruptcy cases, not one that handles several types of cases with bankruptcy being just one among many.

Look for a Consultation

A key component in finding a cheap Mission Viejo bankruptcy lawyer is going to be if the lawyers offers you a free consultation so you can discuss your case.  Many bankruptcy lawyers understand that you are in financial trouble and need advice and guidance on what to do but may not have the means to pay for a consultation.  The right lawyer will listen to your situation and then be able to provide you with options moving forward without charging you for your initial meeting.  You can then discuss lawyer fees and payment to work something out that suits your needs.  Make sure to ask whether the fee you are quoted includes the court filing fee and whether it includes an attorney representing you at your 341(a) hearing, or meeting of the creditors.

Affordable, Effective Assistance

To be sure that you select a cheap Mission Viejo bankruptcy lawyer that provides you with the most effective help, contact bankruptcy attorney Karine Karadjian at (818) 918-9660 to arrange for an appointment.  Her fees are reasonable and fair.  You can arrange a free consultation at hours that work best for you so you can discuss your case and learn what you can do moving forward to get the help you need.  Ms. Karadjian offers weekend and evening appointments since many of her clients work full time and cannot take time off work. 

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