Experienced Los Angeles Bankruptcy Lawyers

One of the most important steps in filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy is making sure that you’ve found the right lawyer. You can schedule a free initial consultation so that you can find out more about your options before you make a decision on hiring a lawyer.

Whether you’re making calls to lawyers that your friends have referred to you or your browsing the directories online for reputable attorneys, make a list of the things that you should be looking for in an experienced Los Angeles bankruptcy lawyer or experienced Orange County bankruptcy lawyer:

  • Experience:

    Make sure that your final choice has a significant amount of experience in the field. By experience, we do not simply mean the amount of years one has been an attorney. Years of practice alone is not always a great indicator of an attorney’s experience. Rather, practice in the specific field and category you need is more important. For example, if you’re interested in hiring a lawyer to help you file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, an experienced Los Angeles bankruptcy attorney that’s handled tons of Chapter 7 cases but no Chapter 13 cases may not be the right attorney for you. Make sure that the experienced Los Angeles Bankruptcy lawyer of your choosing has experience in the type of bankruptcy you plan to file. Attorney Eryk Escobar worked on both Chapter 7 matters and Chapter 13 matters while clerking for a bankruptcy judge. He gained invaluable experience in bankruptcy through his prestigious clerkship in bankruptcy court. Attorney Karine Karadjian has experience in both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 matters as well. She served as an extern for two bankruptcy judges and worked in a reputable bankruptcy firm for several years, where she managed the Chapter 13 department. Choose an attorney that understands how bankruptcy works.

  • Competence:

    This is where things start to get a little bit tricky. You may have found an experienced Los Angeles bankruptcy attorney or Orange County bankruptcy attorney that has been practicing for twenty years, but might not have the best track record. We have had clients call us because their attorney stopped answering calls or emails midway through their case. At times, we have checked the attorney profiles only to find out that they had been disbarred or suspended. Check the California bar website to make sure the lawyer has not had disciplinary actions against him/her. Choose an attorney who is ethical, responsible, and competent.

  • Reasonable Fees:

    Before you make your first appointment with your experienced Los Angeles Bankruptcy lawyer, make sure to find out what they generally charge for cases that file the type of bankruptcy that you plan to file for. Though some of the cost may seem expensive, cheaper isn’t always better. You don’t want your experienced Los Angeles bankruptcy attorney or experienced Orange County attorney to be cutting corners, and you certainly don’t want to be handled by a firm that systematically processes its client’s cases and hands down the work to non-attorneys like paralegals and legal assistants. Shop around the area to find out what the average Los Angeles bankruptcy lawyer or Orange County bankruptcy lawyer charges before making any commitments. Ask that an attorney handle your case, not support staff. Our firm guarantees that your case will be personally handled by an attorney from beginning to end. We also offer fair, reasonable fees, and offer payment plans.


If you or any of your loved ones are currently considering filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, contact the law offices of Eryk Escobar today. We offer consultations free of charge. Your case will be personally handled by an experienced, caring attorney from start to finish. We have offices throughout Southern California for your convenience. We can meet you at our offices in Orange County (Irvine) or Los Angeles County (Glendale or Van Nuys in the San Fernando Valley). We can meet you during weekends, early mornings, or late evenings if typical office hours don’t work for you. If we don’t have an office near you, we can meet you at your home or a local coffee shop if you prefer. We look forward to getting you back on your feet as quickly as possible. Contact us at (818) 918-9660

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